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Structural Engineering Services:

Fearon O’Neill Rooney have been at the forefront of Structural Engineering design for more than 40 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce cost effective innovative designs while always achieving a high level of technical excellence.

Fearon O’Neill Rooney have invested heavily in our IT infrastructure in recent years and are committed to keeping up a high level of standard by the continued investment in our IT infrastructure and all relevant software required to run a successful Civil and Structural Engineering practice.


Some of our state of the art analysis and design software includes,

MasterSeries:   State of the Art structural Frame, Finite Element Analysis and Design software

RAM Structural System:  A fully integrated engineering software with complete building analysis and design modules.

RAM Concept:  A fully integrated reinforced concrete slab finite element analysis and design software.

STRAP:  3D Finite Element Analysis & Design software, additional Modules have been included for Dynamic and Seismic analysis.

With this in-house state of the art computing facility we pride ourselves on our ability to produce fully sized alternative structural schemes, which improves the accuracy of costings and provides better value for the Client at an early stage of the project.

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